Anesthesia for dentistry and office-based procedures

Step 1 Schedule anesthesia for dentistry
Step 2 Deciding on optimum anesthesia
Step 3 Receive conscious sedation
Step 4 Waking up after dental procedure completed


Dear Dr. Atlas, The New Jersey State Board of Dentistry ( the "Board" ) has had an opportunity to review your offer to serve as a consultant to the Board on a gratis basis to answer any questions that may arise regarding the safe practice of anesthesia for dentistry. Thank you for your offer. The Board will certainly consider you should the need arise. Yours very truly,

Kevin B. Earle, New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, New Jersey State Board of Dentistry

Dr. Atlas, Just a note to let you know that even though Deidrea was a challenging patient, we had a great experience working with you! Sedating her, was definitely the way to go. We couldn't have treated her without it. We were impressed with your knowledge and especially with your sense of humor. You made a tough situation easier. Diedrea was very happy... I'm sure she was glad it was over with! Our office would definitely call on your services if the situation arises as well as highly recommend you to all of our colleagues.

Anthony J. Orrico D.M.D., F.A.G.D. and Staff